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How to find great Admin Recruitment Agencies?

The majority of temporary and permanent placements are made in the secretarial and clerical disciplines. How to find great admin recruitment agencies near you.

“A PA is your most valuable employee”

Executive Secretary magazine

According to Fiona Mills, Avery UK’s Marketing Director, ‘PAs are one of the biggest personal assets to an organisation – they are positive, intuitive, willing to go the extra mile and can often adapt quickly to new tasks with little or no training. It’s a desirable skill set for any employee to have. If there were more staff in the office with these traits, it could mean a more productive, efficient and enjoyable workplace.’

Secretaries and clerical roles represent the majority of permanent (16% of the total) and temporary (17% of the total) placements from recruitment agencies in the UK, according to the REC, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

  • What are the types of admin recruitment agencies in the UK?
  • Why use a temp admin recruitment agency?
  • Why type of roles do admin recruitment agencies recruit for?
  • What is the salary of temporary admin staff?
  • How to find great temporary admin recruitment agencies?

What are the types of admin recruitment agencies in the UK?

There are 2 ways in which you can classify admin recruitment agencies:

Permanent vs. temporary

  • There are 512 REC-registered recruitment agencies can help you recruit permanent admin staff in the UK.
  • There are 484 REC-registered agencies can help you find temporary office staff across the UK (and there are many more not registered with the REC!)
  • Some can supply both temporary, temp-to-perm and permanent members of staff! It’s typically different teams that focus on one or the other.

Generalist vs. specialist

  • Generalist office recruitment agencies: Also called ‘commercial recruitment agencies’ or ‘business support recruitment agencies’, these agencies place candidates in a variety of disciplines such as:
    • Administrative, Secretarial and PAs
    • Accounting, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
    • Customer Service and Sales
    • Communications and PR
    • Legal and Human Resources
  • Specialised admin recruitment agencies: Some recruitment agencies prefer to recruit for one type of roles, for example administrative, secretarial and PAs.

Why use a temporary admin recruitment agency?

When asked why they recruit temporary staff, the majority of companies surveyed by ComRes for the REC mention:

  • Finding a temporary cover when other members of staff are on leave or sick
  • Meeting peaks in demand, for example for seasonal businesses
  • Responding fast to growth, for example when new customers are won
  • Working on ad-hoc projects

What type of roles do temporary admin recruitment agencies recruit for?

Temporary admin recruitment agencies can recruit for a variety of roles, such as:

How much should I pay for temporary administrative staff?

Of course, the answer is, it varies! It depends on your location, the seniority, skills and experience required by your staff, as well as their future responsibilities.

To give you an idea, based on the jobs currently posted on Google for Jobs, here are typical candidates’ pay rates for administrative roles in London:

  • Personal Assistants, also called PAs: £12 to £15 per hour
  • Executive Assistants or EAs: £15 to £17 per hour
  • Administrators: £9 to £12 per hour
  • Receptionists: £10 to £12 per hour
  • Legal secretaries: £10 to £11 per hour
  • Medical secretaries: £10 to £13 per hour
  • Office assistants: £8 to £10 per hour
  • Office managers: £15 to £25 per hour
  • Front of house: £8 to £9 per hour
  • Data entry clerks or database administrators: £8 to £9 per hour
  • And many more roles…

Don’t forget that when you recruit temporary staff from recruitment agencies, what you have to pay is the sum of:

  • the candidate pay rate: which means what the candidate is paid, typically per hour
  • statutory payments: if the candidate is a PAYE member of staff of the recruitment agency, the agency has to pay statutory payments which includes NI, holiday and sick pay
  • the agency margin: which is around 15-20%, for the work they do in vetting, sourcing and sifting the candidates, as well as the administrative tasks required to manage temporary workers.

How to find great temporary admin recruitment agencies in the UK?

There are thousands of temp admin recruitment agencies in the UK.

It can be hard and time consuming to find good ones.

TempaGoGo is here to help – we connect you with rated recruitment agencies, specialised in admin and office roles to help you find temporary staff quickly.

No need to call around agencies and hope they’ll reply and have suitable and available candidates.

Agencies with available candidates will typically come back to you in less than 5 minutes. Time to save time and money!

So, why not try TempaGoGo to find your ‘most valued employee’?

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