Apprenticeships Construction Skills Shortages Crisis Solution

Can apprenticeships solve the construction skills crisis?

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With an estimated 168,500 construction jobs to be created between 2019 and 2023 according to the CITB, apprenticeships in construction have a vital role to play in helping close the construction skills gap. This is why TempaGoGo has signed a petition allowing temps to access funds for training – currently the 2017 Apprenticeship Levy does not allow this. A strong uptake in construction apprenticeships According […]

What are the best hiring platforms in the UK?

What are the best hiring platforms in the UK?

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Online hiring platforms have developed very fast over the past few years… and if you’re looking to fill a vacancy, it can get quite confusing, if not overwhelming. The options seem endless: you can post your job offer on your own company website, on LinkedIn, job boards, gig platforms, ask recruitment agencies for help, use […]

How to find quantity surveyors

How to Find Quantity Surveyors?

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Quantity Surveyors (or QS) are particularly difficult to hire, even by construction industry standards! There’s been some alarming titles in the press for more than a decade now: “A global crisis of the surveying profession” (2008), “Surveyor skill shortage approaching critical level, warns RICS” (2015), “Easier to employ a ballet dancer than a quantity surveyor” […]