What is the difference between main contractors, sub contractors, builders and specialist contractors in construction

What is the difference between a main contractor and a sub-contractor?

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If you have come close to the 315,000 construction firms in the UK, you will have come across the construction lingo “main contractor”, “sub-contractor”, “builder”… This article explores what the difference is between a “main contractor” and a “sub-contractor”, and provides a list of the main construction contractors in the UK. It also clarifies the […]

The UK construction industry is experiencing severe skill shortages. Bricklayers, carpenters, site managers, quantity surveyors and labourers are particularly hard to recruit.

What are the construction jobs with the highest skill shortages in the UK?

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The construction industry is plagued by an endemic shortage of skills, due to an ageing workforce, a profession that finds it difficult to attract young employees, and the volatility of the industry. This article explores what skills are in highest demand in the construction industry. What are your strategies to address these shortages? Please leave […]

All you need to know about IR35.

What is IR35? Does it apply to you? What happens if you fall “inside IR35”?

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The IR35 is a UK tax legislation in place since April 2000. It was designed to prevent self-employed contractors who are effectively employed by their end-clients from avoiding income tax and national insurance contributions. This article clarifies all you need to know about the IR35: What is IR35? Why is it called IR35? Does IR35 […]

How to choose a good construction recruitment agency

How to deal with skill shortages in the UK construction industry?

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“Construction is back” Construction Skills Network ‘Construction is back’ – according to the latest Construction Skills Network report (2018-2022) from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the UK construction sector will grow between 2018 and 2022, requiring an extra 158,000 jobs.  Meanwhile, as calculated by the Farmer Review, it’s also estimated that the construction industry […]

Are gig workers different from temp agency workers?

What are the different types of temporary roles in the UK?

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Zero hour contracts, gig workers, temps, freelancers, interims, contractors, agency workers… enough to get our heads spinning. What’s the difference? Why does it matter? This article explains: What are the 3 different employment statuses in the UK? What are the employment rights of employees, workers and self-employed workers? What is the difference between a gig […]