What are the best hiring platforms in the UK?

What are the best hiring platforms in the UK?

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Online hiring platforms have developed very fast over the past few years… and if you’re looking to fill a vacancy, it can get quite confusing, if not overwhelming. The options seem endless: you can post your job offer on your own company website, on LinkedIn, job boards, gig platforms, ask recruitment agencies for help, use […]

Launching Recruitment Startup Experience

Launching a Recruitment Startup – My Experience

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The UK temporary recruitment agency market, worth £36 billion, is the second largest in the world — is there any better place to start your own recruitment business? However, starting a new business is never easy, and with close to 8,500 new recruitment agencies registered every year, you’re not alone trying to enjoy a slice of this gigantic […]

Five Reasons Graduates Should Choose Startups

Five Reasons Graduates Should Choose Startups

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Tom Higgins Toon, an MML graduate from Selwyn College, shares why you should take the plunge and work for a start-up As a recent graduate, my last year at Cambridge was punctuated by seemingly innumerable careers events. In Michaelmas, law firms, consultancies and banks would compete for students’ attention, stalls filled with corporate goodies and […]

Construction Skills Shortages Demand Opportunities

Construction Skills are in very High Demand – Have you Considered any of these Opportunities?

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Construction is one of the industries with the highest skills shortages in the UK, with close to 170,000 jobs projected to be created by 2023 across the country. And, with more than 1 in 5 workers in the construction industry aged 50 or above, the time is ripe for young people to enter the job market in an […]

Builders Construction Online Presence SEO Website Optimised Reviews

5 Ways Builders Can Boost Their Online Presence

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What distinguishes the construction sector from other UK industries? Its sheer number of workers who are self-employed. According to a 2018 Briefing Paper from the House of Commons, self-employed jobs in construction account for 37% of all jobs — almost three times the average for the whole economy. ‘Self-employed’ encompasses both freelancers and businesses — […]

AI Recruitment Agency Technology Gig Platforms

Why AI won’t kill the recruitment industry

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After co-founding a business like TempaGoGo, which brings tech to help traditional recruitment agencies, it’s always instructive to take five minutes out now and then to see which predictions of the industry’s imminent demise at the hand of some new technology have been disproved. Take for instance Oleg Vishnepolsky, the Global CTO at DailyMail Online […]