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How to find great Construction Recruitment Agencies in the UK?

How to choose a good construction recruitment agency

There are 39,232 recruitment agencies registered as trading in the UK. We estimate that 9% are recruitment agencies focused on the Construction Sector, i.e., 3,520 Construction Recruitment Agencies.

Temporary construction workers represent 6.8% of the total temporary workers on the payroll of recruitment agencies on a daily basis and 4.3% of the total permanent placements by recruitment agencies in the UK, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, the Recruitment Agencies’ trade body.

It can be quite hard to navigate through this crowded space! This article explores:

  • How to choose a construction recruitment agency?
  • What are the different types of construction recruitment agencies in the UK?
  • What are the good recruitment construction recruitment agencies?

How to choose a construction recruitment agency?

Before you choose the recruitment agency that is right for you, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking to recruit a permanent member of staff, or do you need to fill a short-term vacancy with a temp or a contractor? Recruitment agencies are generally focused either on permanent placements or temporary / contract assignments.
  • Do you have local needs, or do you have sites across the country? Some recruitment agencies are local and focus on a small geographical area covering a few postcodes. This allows them to know their local pool of candidates well. Other can serve clients nationwide. They often rely on a network of branches that allow them to source their candidates everywhere.
  • Do you prefer a specialist or a generalist recruitment agency? Some recruitment agencies are able to serve all sectors, with teams of consultants focusing on sub-sectors. Other recruitment agencies are very specialised, some opting to only serve certain niches (e.g., plant operatives, asbestos). In the construction sector, there are 11 types of sub-sectors that recruitment agencies can focus on.

What are the different types of construction recruitment agencies in the UK?

In the construction sector, there’s a large variety of agencies specialised in different types of roles:

Trades and Labour Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialised in unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers.

They focus on sourcing labourers, bricklayers, carpenters, painters, plasterers, tilers, roofers for example.

White Collar Recruitment Agencies

Also called Technical and Professional, these recruitment agencies specialise in senior, supervisory roles in the construction sector.

They can help you find site agents, site managers, site foremen, civil engineers, contracts manager, estimators, quantity surveyors…

Rail Recruitment Agencies

These agencies specialise in supplying candidates for jobs related to the rail sector.

This includes linesworkers, linesmen, signalling maintenance operatives, rail testing and lubrication operatives, power line technicians and engineers, rail engineers, track quality supervisors…

M&E Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialised in Mechanical and Electrical roles, for residential, commercial or industrial projects.

They focus on roles related to the installation, commission or service and repair of plumbing and heating systems (e.g., boilers), ventilation systems (e.g., air conditioning), security systems (e.g., emergency lighting, fire alarms), solar panels. For example, they are able to find plumbers, electricians, HVAC engineers, heating engineers…

Infrastructure Recruitment Agencies

The word “infrastructure” relates to the fundamental facilities and services in a country, for instance roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, sewers, telecommunications networks.

These recruitment agencies focus on roles such as infrastructure project managers and engineers.

Asbestos Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialised in sourcing staff involved in the surveying and removal of asbestos.

They can help recruit asbestos operatives, removal operatives, asbestos removal operators, site surveyors…

Plant Operatives Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialised in sourcing staff able to drive and manoeuvre large machines and vehicles on construction or demolition sites.

They can help hire dumper drivers, scissor lift operators, cherry pickers, tower crane operatives, hoist operatives, banksmen…

Safety and Security Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialised in sourcing safety and security staff.

These agencies can help you hire traffic marshals, security officers, security guards, health and safety officers, night guards, fire and security engineers…

Landscaping Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialised in sourcing staff with experience in hard and soft landscaping activities.

This includes preparing the ground for laying turf, cutting grass, building fences. These agencies can help recruit landscape operatives, gardeners and labourers…

Facilities Management (FM) Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialised in sourcing senior candidates who supervise or manage teams of facilities or cleaning operatives, ensuring that buildings and their surrounding are safe, clean and compliant with the regulations in place.

These agencies help source facilities managers, heads of facilities, estate managers, facilities assistants…

Facilities and Cleaning Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies specialised in sourcing staff for general industrial or commercial cleaning and maintenance.

They can help recruit cleaners, cleaning operatives, housekeepers, handymen, caretakers…

How to find a good construction recruitment agency?

To find a good Construction Recruitment agencies, I would recommend you to:

  • Visit their website: Do they have a website? Is it up-to-date? Do they have recent vacancies? How many years of experience do they claim to have?
  • Take a look at their reviews on Google and Facebook: what do former candidates and clients say about them? 
  • Verify the ICO‘s (Information Commissioner’s Office) register: Can you find them on the register?
  • Check the recruitment trade bodies (e.g., RECAPSCoBioR): Are they a member of any trade body?
  • Ask to receive their Terms and Business and read through their contract: are their terms and conditions in line with the standard?

To conclude, can we help you find a great construction recruitment agency?

To sum up, it can be onerous and take you a lot of time to find a great construction agency.

Quite often, recruitment agencies’ websites are not up-to-date or not fully accurate. 

So, why not try TempaGoGo

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