Looking for a temp driver? How to find great driving recruitment agencies in London

Temp Driver Recruitment Agency

If you have a temporary driving vacancy to fill, it can be both daunting and time-consuming to find suitable recruitment agencies with available candidates!

With 11,145 temporary recruitment agencies in the UK to choose from. Close to 50 recruitment agencies specialised in driving roles in London. Important staff shortages in Transport & Logistics…, life is hard when it comes to finding temporary drivers in London!

TempaGoGo is here to help you – similarly to flight comparison websites, our online platform helps you not only to find specialist, rated driving recruitment agencies, but also to work seamlessly with them. 

And it’s completely free for you to use, from start to finish!

TempaGoGo – an online “one-stop-shop” to find and work seamlessly with specialist driving recruitment agencies

When you want to book a flight, do you:

  • A. Go to a search engine. Find a list of airlines. Search each of their websites for flights. Perhaps call them up. Compile a list of the best options. Buy the seats. Wait for the tickets to come through the post. Notice an error. Call back. Try calling again…. ?
  • B. Or, use a flight comparison website?
TempaGoGo is an online platform to help you find and work seamlessly with specialist driving recruitment agencies in London.

Well, it’s the same with TempaGoGo, but applied to temporary recruitment!

To hire a temp driver today, would you rather:

  • A. Go to a search engine. Find a list of recruitment agencies in your area. Visit each of their websites. Perhaps call them up. Repeat the same order details to each over the phone. Search your email box for all the CVs that have been sent from different recruitment agencies. Try to compare mark-up and margins pricing. Choose the best candidate. Call back to agree a contract. Notice an error. Try calling again…?
  • B. Or, use TempaGoGo, the free online “one-stop-shop” for the recruitment of temporary staff?

How does it work?

TempaGoGo allows you to work either from your desk, or mobile phone
  • 1. Post – Complete an order for the role you need to fill – pre-populated job descriptions are here to help.
  • 2. Select – Find specialised driving recruitment agencies, experts in the role you want to fill, and choose the best thanks to their fact-based rating.
  • 3. Hire – All in one place, from your desktop or on-the-go, review CVs, compare prices, decide who to hire, agree contracts and authorise timesheets.

And it’s completely free for you to use, from start to finish!

From an “obstacle course” to a “walk in the park” – TempaGoGo takes the pain away from temporary driving recruitment

You have much better things to do than the “obstacle course” of manually finding driving recruitment agencies…

Finding good driving recruitment agencies can be an obstacle course - TempaGoGo is here to help.

First, figure out how to find recruitment agencies​…

Which way do you go ? The Yellow Pages? Google?

A number of recruitment agencies listed on the Yellow Pages are not in business anymore or don’t meet your search criteria – e.g., type “driving recruitment agency in London” and some agencies would only cater for hospitality or education roles. 

When you click on Google looking for a “driving recruitment agency in Hounslow”, you can end up with agencies only providing temporary candidates in Essex or Kent – not exactly what you were looking for. 

… then, ensure that the recruitment agencies listed meet your needs…

Some driving recruitment agencies are highly specialised – for example, only providing HGV drivers or commercial drivers (e.g., van drivers) in certain specific locations (e.g., Heathrow only), while other cover the entirety of the UK and focus on Transport and Logistics roles as a whole.

… next, check they’re any good…

That can be tricky – a large number of recruitment agencies describe themselves on their website as “the leading recruitment agency”, “one of the best recruitment agencies in the UK” – which ones are actually really good?

… after that, phone the ones that are most relevant to your needs and describe the vacancy you need to fill.​…

This might be difficult (and it takes so much of your time!) – agencies might not be open when you need them to (have you ever tried to contact them before 08:00 or after 17:00, or on the weekends?). And what’s the point of describing the same job brief 3 or 5 times!

… and finally (!), work with recruitment agencies who have available candidates?

This is really hard in the Transport and Logistics industry in the UK at the moment! Temporary Blue Collar candidates are in highest demand. 1/3 of transport and logistics companies in the UK feel that they don’t have enough skilled workers to ensure their business runs smoothly according to the 2018 FTA Logistics Industry survey.

With TempaGoGo, recruiting your temporary staff becomes a “walk in the park”!

Recruiting temporary drivers through recruitment agencies becomes a walk in the park with TempaGoGo

 Less time on admin. More time left to grow your business flexibly!  

Find driving recruitment agencies in London

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