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Find Temp Jobs in London

Find Temp Jobs London

Looking for a temp job in London, or want to hire temps in London?

The UK’s capital has a highly diversified modern economy that offers short-term opportunities in a wide range of sectors.

Wholesale and retail jobs make up 10% of the total, and a similar proportion work in health and social care. 

London is also the construction capital of the UK, with over 250,000 people employed in the industry. And, many construction jobs are in very high demand — have you considered these roles?

London has over 1.1 million businesses, or a third of the national total. With many large companies based or headquartered in London, office and admin roles come aplenty for those seeking white-collar work. 

More than half (53%) of all Londoners are highly qualified (NVQ4 level or above), which contributes to the city’s status as an international hub for technology and financial services. 

More and more Londoners are realising the social, economic and personal benefits of taking a temporary job. Indeed, the number of agency workers has shot up in recent years to 800,000 — a 40% rise on ten years ago — according to data from the Resolution Foundation.

And, agency workers are given equal treatment to those who have been with a hirer for 12 weeks in a particular job. After this time period has been reached, you are entitled to similar employment rights to permanent members of staff, including equal pay, automatic pension enrolment and paid annual leave. 

What, then, is the best way of landing a temp job quickly?

In this article, I shall explain why temping in London is becoming so popular and how companies can hire temp staff in London without even picking up the phone.

  • Why Temp in London
  • How much you could earn
  • Why work with agencies
  • How to find temp staff ASAP

Why look for Temp Jobs in London

Since the EU referendum, companies in London have shown greater reluctance to recruit staff on a full time basis, which has increased demand for temp roles. 

On top of this, a general trend towards temping has been observed with more people attracted to its numerous benefits:

  • Greater flexibility: agency workers get to choose whom they work for, when they work and for how long
  • ‘Try before you buy’: temping is increasingly being seen as a cost-effective way to sound out a specific company without committing to a permanent contract.
  • Career development: short-term employment opportunities enable graduates to try out a range of sectors, cultures and management styles, or for hitherto permanent workers to explore other careers.
  • Time: landing a temp role takes much less time than for a permanent job, so if you need work ASAP, temping is often the best way to go about it. 

How much you could earn?

As you may be aware, wages tend to be higher in the capital. Whilst the UK Minimum Wage is set at £8.21 as of April 2019, the London Living Wage is a fairer reflection of living costs and currently stands at £10.55. When looking for a temporary job, look out for Accredited Living Wage Employers.

When looking for temp jobs in London, you might be wondering where your skill set best lies and which sectors are most lucrative.

In London as in elsewhere, the wages temps can earn is determined by skills, level of responsibility and demand. Roles that require extensive training, such as engineers, command the highest rates, with blue-collar labourers tending to earn less. Senior roles in management or supervisory positions, such as Site Managers, also pay handsomely.

However, skills shortages have increased wages in less expected areas! For instance, the UK faces a chronic shortage of bricklayers. In order to meet rising demand for housing, some estimates put the number of extra bricklayers required at 15,000.  

Similarly, the transport and logistics sectors are struggling to find enough candidates to meet demand. This is all the more surprising given how logistics contributes 11% to the UK economy and ranks ahead of the United States in the World Bank list of world leaders. These shortages cause upward pressure on wages — great news if you’re looking for a temp job!

Why work with agencies

The UK is the world’s 2nd largest market for recruitment agencies, with over 28,000 different agencies jostling for position. In London, you have over 1,000 to choose from!

There are many advantages to using agencies to find temp jobs in London, not least the knowledge that you are getting helped for free:

  • Speed: Agencies often have partnerships with specific employers, which means they are the first to hear about new job opportunities — before individual job seekers.
  • Knowledge: Agencies have strong knowledge of their niche and so can best advise you on ways to break into that sector.
  • Network: Agencies work with companies across a wide range of locations and sectors. Some specialise in a specific region, others in a particular industry, e.g. admin roles. This means you can fine-tune your search!
  • Security: Having the weight of a recruitment agency behind you really helps if there are any issues with payment, working conditions or contract. 
  • Feedback: If you’re put forward for a role by an agency but get rejected, you can normally expect to receive constructive criticism regarding your CV, interview technique etc. 

How to find temp staff ASAP

Recruitment agencies can also bring lots of benefits to companies looking to hire temps! Speed is again a key factor, but also money: companies do not have to worry about vetting candidates or advertising for roles, and the likelihood of finding a ‘bad apple’ is greatly reduced.

Companies looking to hire from agencies used to have to pick up the phone to each one and hope for the best. A very old-fashioned approach!

Now, the process is most easily done online, through TempaGoGo. You type in who you want (‘HGV Driver’, ‘Secretary’ etc.), where you want, and wait five minutes for relevant agencies to get in touch with you through the platform. Happy hunting!

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