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Hiring Temps in Slough

Hiring Temps in Slough

Favourably situated between Reading and London, Slough has always attracted large numbers of businesses to its industrial parks and retail units.

Over the past 20 years or so, Slough has diversified from its manufacturing base to encompass a modern information and technology-based economy.

Slough Trading Estate is home to 350 businesses and now hosts the UK headquarters of many global companies, such as Mars, O2, MacAfee, Lego and Sara Lee, benefitting from its close proximity to Heathrow Airport. 

The city boasts an unemployment rate of just 3.9%, which is below the UK average, and workers in the town can expect to take away annual earnings above £30,000.

And the only way is up! The town is set to benefit from a £1 billion regeneration project over the next 15 years, during which time improved transport links will make the area even more accessible to London’s workers.

All this prosperity and development makes Slough a perfect place to hire temporary workers. In this article, I shall explain:

  • Which jobs are most in demand
  • What you can expect to pay
  • How to hire temps in Slough

Which jobs are most in demand in Slough?

Logistics and Warehouse jobs are in particularly high demand, reflecting Slough’s status as a hub for manufacturing and retail. 12% of the population is employed in the transportation and storage sector, three times higher than the national average.

The abundance of office space in the town makes admin and secretarial jobs highly sought after. Consequently, 13% work in these admin and support service industries.

Over the past decade or so, demand has shot up for white collar workers in information and technology roles in Slough. These jobs require greater training, so expect to pay more for your temps.

What you can expect to pay?

As indicated above, recruitment agency pricing depends on the nature of the work. Expect to pay less for blue-collar roles and more for those that involve longer training and specific qualifications.

Also remember that your hourly budget needs to factor in NI and sick pay benefits for your temporary worker, as well as an agency margin.

For instance: employing a temp Forklift Truck Driver, a typical warehouse role, will cost between £8.67 and £10.40 per hour.

However, taking on a Personal Assistant for the same length of time will attract hourly rates of between £10.20 and £15.60.

Its proximity to London means Slough has a relatively high rate of living, which will be reflected in the overall cost. With property prices set to surge by up to two thirds in some areas of the town, it pays to make the investment early!

How to hire temps in Slough

Hiring temporary workers does not have to mean calling individual agencies hoping they have staff available.

Now, you can greatly simplify the process using TempaGoGo. Simply fill in what you want, where you want on our online platform, and wait 5 minutes for available agencies to get back to you with candidates.

This way, you can save time and negotiate better rates with your recruitment agencies.

We currently have 53 agencies that provide temps in Slough. Hire one now!

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