Top 5 Business Awards for Construction SMEs

Business Awards Construction SMEs

In the construction sector, reputation really matters. What better way of convincing potential clients of your credentials than by winning a Business Award?

Often glamorous, awards ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to get your name out there in front of hundreds of peers, competitors and industry experts. 

And the benefits of Business Awards really begin to kick in once the lights dwindle from the stage. Construction is built on mutual trust and responsibility, and awards act as a marker of excellence in this respect.  

At TempaGoGo, we were amazed at just how many more entrepreneurs approached us after we won the ‘Innovator of the Year’ award from the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Heathrow. Our interactions shot up on Twitter and LinkedIn and we now count over 650 small businesses as our clients.

These gongs comes in many shapes and sizes, both physically and in terms of the type of categories up for grabs. Best supplier? Women in Construction? Innovation of the Year? All SMEs have something great to shout about — it’s all about finding the right award for your niche.

Where to begin? lists all of the UK’s Business Awards aimed at construction firms, and there are 9 to choose from before the month is out!

Trawling through the list of all these awards (over 65 a year!) can seem quite daunting. However, quite a few can be instantly eliminated because their specificity may not fit your business. Not all construction firms will want to enter the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association LEEA Awards!

Others are open to any country around the world, and are probably beyond the remit of most small companies. 

Otherwise, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, here is our list of the most important in terms of outreach potential and range of categories available.

  1. Construction News Awards

One of the biggest of the lot, this year’s edition brought together 1,200 companies and a panel of 80 expert judges!

Organised by Construction News, the voice of authority on the sector, these awards are targeted primarily at bigger SMEs. That said, some categories are split into two or even three awards depending on annual turnover. 

The 21 categories that make up the event should give companies plenty of choice when it comes to nominations, including ‘Best Residential Project’ and ‘Community Engagement Project of the Year’.

The awards are held at the grand Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair.

Deadline: mid-February 2020.

2. Constructing Excellence Awards

As the name suggests, the Constructing Excellence Awards are only given out to the very best companies, and so carry great weight as a marker of success. 

Finalists are selected following a rigorous filtration process that involves written submissions, group interviews and 6 judging panels. 

Nominations are made on a regional basis, which ensures businesses from across the UK are shortlisted for the national awards. 

Almost 600 guests are set to attend the awards ceremony, which will take place in London on Friday November 8th. 

Deadline: April 2020

3. London Construction Awards

From regions to the capital: these awards recognise the pre-eminence of London and the South East as bastions of the UK construction industry. Indeed, a recent ONS report reveals that almost a third of all construction jobs are concentrated in these two areas.

24 judges will be on hand to compare applications across 24 categories.

And, there are some pretty niche categories, including ‘Architectural Software of the Year’ and ‘Fire Safety Solution of the Year’. It’s not just about hard hats, with awards up for grabs for solution providers, contractors, architects, civil engineers and developers.

The ceremony itself will take place in London on Wednesday November 27th and over 600 people are expected to be in attendance. 

Deadline: 16 August 2019

4. South East Construction Expo

Another event celebrating the vitality of the construction sector in the region around Hampshire, Sussex and Kent. 

The South East Construction Expo is an awards ceremony, Meet the Buyer event and sector-specific workshop all rolled into one. This provides a brilliant opportunity to learn and network all under one roof, in this case in Ardingly, West Sussex.

2019 sees the first year awards will be handed out — which might make the event slip under the radar of some in the industry and thus benefit eagle-eyed SMEs. 

What sets this event out from other such awards is the limited number of categories. For this first year, there are only six to choose from: Best Apprentice, Architectural Design, Construction Project, Construction Contractor, Supplier and Women in Construction. Entries will be judged by a panel of 7 industry experts. 

Each winner will take away a trophy and a ‘total prize package’ worth more than £1,000. 

Deadline: 9 August 2019 

5. Construction Marketing Awards

These awards celebrate UK Construction firms that have shown great determination to promote their services and the industry as whole. 

Across 25 categories, businesses can be nominated for their role showcasing the construction industry’s creative side.

Some of the awards available include Best Use of Content Marketing, Young Marketer of the Year and Best Product Launch. Whatever the category, judges are looking for innovative thinking and effectiveness at brand-building. 

Awards will be presented at a prestigious black-tie dinner, held on Thursday November 28th.

Deadline: 20 September 2019.

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