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Looking for a Recruitment Agency in London?

Need to find a recruitment agency in London? No need to call them one by one.

If you’re looking in the Yellow Pages to find a recruitment agency in London, there are 250 results which can be very overwhelming!

Here are some tips to find recruitment agencies in London – should you look for work opportunities, or to hire staff, permanently or temporarily.

Looking for Work in London?

If you’re looking for temping opportunities with a temporary recruitment agency, you can simply use TempaGoGo to help you find agencies matched to your needs (job and working location).

If you’re looking for a permanent position via a permanent recruitment agency in London, Google for Jobs is a useful aggregator of current job offers from recruitment agencies. Simply type your search in Google (e.g., “permanent admin jobs London”) and click on the blue screen that appears in front of you. A large number of opportunities will come up, often posted by recruitment agencies.

In the example above, the top 3 opportunities have been placed by recruitment agencies in London specialised in Administrative roles (Office Angels, Love Success and People First Recruitment).

Looking to Hire Temporary Staff in London?

If you’re in a company looking to hire temporary staff in London, TempaGoGo is a great way to make your life easier – it’s a free comparison website for temporary recruitment agencies.

In a few clicks, you can find and work with multiple rated recruitment agencies specialised in your needs and working location, so that you can find temp workers fast, and negotiate better rates.

Looking to Hire Permanent Staff in London?

If you’re looking to hire permanent staff in London, you have many routes to explore – you may want to post your job offer on:

  • Your company’s website
  • LinkedIn: post your job offer on your own profile and company profile
  • Job boards: there’s plenty of job boards – some are generalists (e.g., Indeed, CV-library), other are very specialised (for example, workinstartups if you are a startup, or The Guardian if you’re involved in the public sector)

You can also mandate a permanent recruitment agency to help you find the candidate you need. Permanent recruitment agencies can be very helpful if you don’t have time to spend filtering CVs, or if you are in a very specific niche with severe shortages.

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