Low skilled, maybe, but high value to the UK economy…

Blue Collar Low Skilled Workers UK Economy

The government promised yesterday to curb low-skilled immigration after Brexit.

When 40% of the Labourers currently employed are non-UK workers, this could present a real challenge for the UK construction industry!

Earlier this year, the Federation of Masters Builders alerted that SMEs were facing the worst level of shortage of construction workers on record.

At TempaGoGo, we help SMEs bridge this gap, and support them when they need to recruit temp construction staff, particularly when it’s really urgent!

I often feel ill-at-ease to describe the types of roles that we help SMEs recruit for – I prefer “blue collar” to the “lower skilled” or “unskilled” or “unqualified” terminology that we often hear.

Low skilled maybe, but pretty vital to the UK construction economy, when 300,000 new homes need to be built in England only, every year!

What’s next for the industry? Will these roles be filled-in by the UK labour market, as shortages will drive salary increases?

Do you need temp construction workers now?

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