Helping you write a good job description with 5 top tips and great templates

5 top tips to write a great job description – and some job description templates!

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Struggling to write an appealing job description? Looking for templates to help you? For small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), the prospect of competing with very large and visible players when it comes to recruitment can be overwhelming – leaving them feeling a bit like David vs. Goliath. You’re not alone – 75% of hiring […]

Unemployment at its lowest levels since 1975. Hard to find temp staff for SMEs

With unemployment levels at their lowest since 1975, finding staff is even harder for SMEs

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With unemployment at its lowest levels since 1975 in the UK, recruitment is a real challenge for companies. Even more so for SMEs who find it harder to compete against the “big boys” in the “war for talent”. Why is it even more difficult for SMEs to recruit staff? Because SMEs typically can’t afford the latest technology […]

It's difficult to find temp drivers.

Looking for a temp driver? How to find great driving recruitment agencies in London

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If you have a temporary driving vacancy to fill, it can be both daunting and time-consuming to find suitable recruitment agencies with available candidates! With 11,145 temporary recruitment agencies in the UK to choose from. Close to 50 recruitment agencies specialised in driving roles in London. Important staff shortages in Transport & Logistics…, life is hard […]

How ratings can help find good recruitment agencies, fast and promote continuous improvements in the industry

Star-struck… the power of ratings for the recruitment industry

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How can online ratings help you drive revenues? We are now surrounded by websites that consolidate customer reviews – from TripAdvisor or Amazon to ‘aggregator websites’ such as Moneysupermarket or GoCompare that allow us to compare different online offers and prices in one place. Ratings and rankings are incredibly powerful at influencing us as customers […]

What are recruitment agencies? A step-by-step manual for SMEs

What is a recruitment agency?

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Did you know that there are as many temporary agency workers – 1.3 million – as there are gig workers (between 1.1 and 1.3 million) and NHS workers (1.2 million) in the UK! With more than 25,000 recruitment agencies in the UK employing over 100,000 people themselves, the UK is the second largest agency market in the world after the US, […]