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Receptionists – What They Do Vs What You Think They Do

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Smiling sweetly is only half the story.

Receptionists are amongst the most important employees of any company, from the freshest SMEs to the most internationally renowned law firms.

The quality of receptionist can make the difference between happy and disgruntled customers — and is a wider reflection of the company as a whole.

Yet you might be wondering — what do they actually do?

Read this article and fight out about:

  • Receptionist duties.
  • Why receptionists are vital to company success.
  • How to find a replacement receptionist quick!

Receptionist duties

It is said it takes an hour and a half to erase a first impression, so it pays to make this count. Here is where receptionists come in! Being presentable means so much more than smiling at customers: it means keeping a tidy desk, dealing with calls quickly and efficiently, providing customers with any extra information and keeping to time.

What customers do not see is just as, if not more important as what they do. Here is the secret list of duties, roles and responsibilities that a good receptionist must fulfil:

  • Juggle multiple diaries to book meetings, conferences and parties
  • Direct couriers and often help lug materials into a suitable storage space
  • Maintain security of the building and keep a close eye on potentially un 
  • Keep an inventory of office materials, marketing brochures and corporate goodies. 
  • In smaller companies, organising and planning events with HR.

Why receptionists are vital to company success

For highly sought after Partners, wishing to remain anonymous is a key to managing workload. They do not want to be contacted by all and sundry, especially if they are not the right person for the query. 

Therefore it is down to the shrewd receptionist to tacitly fend off enquiries about personal emails, employee statuses or timetables. 

How many times have you been at the GP and been told to wait a few minutes, only to still be there 20 minutes later? This is not mathematical imprecision, but a ploy to placate otherwise irate patients. In other words, being just a friendly innocent face is paradoxically a barrier to success as a front desk assistant!

With an average salary of below £20,000, a good receptionist provides exceptional value given the variety of tasks at their behest.

How to find a replacement receptionist ASAP

Finding a temp receptionist at short notice can seem daunting, but must be done.

A company without a front desk simply cannot operate, so a replacement must be recruited in – often with very little notice.

Receptionists fall under the category of admin staff. There are:

  • 512 REC-registered recruitment agencies can help you recruit permanent admin staff in the UK.
  • 484 REC-registered agencies can help you find temporary office staff across the UK (and there are many more not registered with the REC!)
  • Some can supply both temporary, temp-to-perm and permanent members of staff! It’s typically different teams that focus on one or the other.

This is where TempaGoGo can help — just select where you need your receptionist and within five minutes all suitable recruitment agencies will come back to you with a range of candidates. It’s just up to you to choose! 

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