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Recruitment Agencies in Birmingham

Find Recruitment Agencies Birmingham

Your guide to finding agencies in Birmingham, the UK’s ‘second city’.

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city in terms of size, population, and number of workers. With just under 500,000 employees, the West Midlands hub also boasts the fastest growth rates in business numbers across the country.

Birmingham expanded rapidly during the Industrial Revolution and came to be known as ‘the first manufacturing town in the world’. Even today, Birmingham is home to three large car factories: MG Rover, Jaguar and Land Rover, and continues to employ over 100,000 people in the manufacturing sector. 

Whilst the service economy dominates nowadays (88%), construction and logistics are also booming in a city that will be at the heart of the UK high-speed rail network, or HS2 — a project that purportedly will provide 15,000 jobs in two years. Birmingham attracts the highest rates of FDI in the country, often invested in construction and infrastructure. 

All this means jobseekers and companies alike have access to a wealth of recruitment agencies in Birmingham — the Yell Business Directory runs 10 pages deep, for instance.

Picking between them can seem like a daunting task. However, provided you have a clear idea of what sort of job you’re looking for, where and for how long, you will quickly begin to see the wood for the trees. 

Companies looking to hire temporary staff should apply this filter when searching, and vice versa for permanent hires. Recruitment agencies tend to focus on one or the other. If you think you might like to contract a worker for a set period and then take them on full-time as an employee of your company (temp-to-perm recruitment), there are agencies specialised in this sort of placement too. 

Check out our short guide of what to think about when choosing which recruitment agency to work with.

Finding temporary workers in Birmingham

At TempaGoGo, we have created a free platform that selects all agencies in Birmingham that could supply your temp, and then lets you compare rates. Say you wanted a Quantity Surveyor in central Birmingham:

Same applies with white collar work / workers. If you wanted a receptionist — perhaps  as holiday cover — then you would have almost 20 relevant agencies to choose from:

Finding permanent workers in Birmingham

Of course, you are by no means obliged to use recruitment agencies to research, hire and onboard a new employee.  However, the process is time consuming and expensive to do right. 

This is where permanent recruitment agencies come in. By paying a fixed fee you can cut down all that time preparing outbound marketing or sifting through CVs, and you don’t have to worry about compliance regulations or vetting candidates.

Alternatively, to find the perfect hire, you can make staggered payments to an agency (‘retained recruitment’) so that they source the very best candidate. It all depends on your budget and how picky you wish to be.

Often, you do not even need to search for each agency manually! Simply type in what you want on Google, and the new Google for Jobs function comes up with results, often placed there by recruitment agencies.

See below for a typical Google for Jobs search, in this case for a Forklift Truck driver in Birmingham:  

As you can see, the first three entries are posted by recruitment agencies. So, to save time and money chasing round individual agencies, it pays to search smart online.

If you are a company looking to hire workers, then you can also try posting permanent jobs on your company website, local media and online job boards — there is a strong chance recruitment agencies will pick up on it and supply relevant candidates this way. 

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