Apprenticeships Construction Skills Shortages Crisis Solution

Can apprenticeships solve the construction skills crisis?

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With an estimated 168,500 construction jobs to be created between 2019 and 2023 according to the CITB, apprenticeships in construction have a vital role to play in helping close the construction skills gap. This is why TempaGoGo has signed a petition allowing temps to access funds for training – currently the 2017 Apprenticeship Levy does not allow this. A strong uptake in construction apprenticeships According […]

Business Awards Construction SMEs

Top 5 Business Awards for Construction SMEs

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In the construction sector, reputation really matters. What better way of convincing potential clients of your credentials than by winning a Business Award? Often glamorous, awards ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to get your name out there in front of hundreds of peers, competitors and industry experts.  And the benefits of Business Awards really begin […]

Construction Skills Shortages Demand Opportunities

Construction Skills are in very High Demand – Have you Considered any of these Opportunities?

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Construction is one of the industries with the highest skills shortages in the UK, with close to 170,000 jobs projected to be created by 2023 across the country. And, with more than 1 in 5 workers in the construction industry aged 50 or above, the time is ripe for young people to enter the job market in an […]

Builders Construction Online Presence SEO Website Optimised Reviews

5 Ways Builders Can Boost Their Online Presence

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What distinguishes the construction sector from other UK industries? Its sheer number of workers who are self-employed. According to a 2018 Briefing Paper from the House of Commons, self-employed jobs in construction account for 37% of all jobs — almost three times the average for the whole economy. ‘Self-employed’ encompasses both freelancers and businesses — […]

Why are there shortages of bricklayers and how to address the crisis?

How to solve the bricklayer skill crisis?

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The latest Federation of Masters Building Survey in Q1 2019 indicates that 64% of construction businesses are struggling to hire bricklayers. While the situation is not new, it has worsened steadily since 2013. According to ONS data, there were nearly 60,000 people involved in brickwork in the UK as of August 2018. What is the scale of the bricklayer skill shortage in the UK? The Letwin report commissioned by the UK government in 2018 estimates the shortage of bricklayers to 15,000, almost […]

Main Contractor Sub Contractor Construction

What is the difference between a main contractor and a sub-contractor?

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If you have come close to the 315,000 construction firms in the UK, you will have come across the construction lingo “main contractor”, “sub-contractor”, “builder”… This article explores what the difference is between a “main contractor” and a “sub-contractor”, and provides a list of the main construction contractors in the UK. It also clarifies the […]

Construction Meet the Buyer Trade Shows UK

Top Construction Expos, Meet the Buyer Events and Conferences in 2019

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If you’re looking for events dedicated to the Construction Industry in the UK, look no further! There are many opportunities to meet suppliers and buyers (main contractors and sub-contractors), often for free, across the country. Have I missed an event? Please leave me a comment to let me know! 21 May 2019 – Constructionline Northern […]

Construction Skills Shortages UK

What are the construction jobs with the highest skill shortages in the UK?

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The construction industry is plagued by an endemic shortage of skills, due to an ageing workforce, a profession that finds it difficult to attract young employees, and the volatility of the industry. This article explores what skills are in highest demand in the construction industry. What are your strategies to address these shortages? Please leave […]

Top UK Construction News websites

What are the top UK construction news websites in 2019?

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If you’re looking for the latest UK construction news, job adverts or interesting places to advertise your services or vacancies, we’ve compiled a list of the top UK construction news websites and magazines. They all have quite a differentiated look and feel, focus and readership. If I’ve missed any publication, please leave me a comment […]