Find Temp Receptionist

How do you find a temp receptionist?

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Receptionists are the beating heart of a company. Without a friendly face to welcome guests and answer the telephone, even the most high-flying operations come unstuck. So what happens when your trusted receptionist calls in sick, or jets off on holiday? You might need a replacement fast, even if it’s just for a day or […]

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Receptionists – What They Do Vs What You Think They Do

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Smiling sweetly is only half the story. Receptionists are amongst the most important employees of any company, from the freshest SMEs to the most internationally renowned law firms. The quality of receptionist can make the difference between happy and disgruntled customers — and is a wider reflection of the company as a whole. Yet you […]

TempaGoGO Petition Agency Workers Funds Training Apprenticeship Levy REC

TempaGoGo signs petition for agency workers to access apprenticeships

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TempaGoGo has put its name to a petition calling for the government to extend its apprenticeship schemes to temporary workers.  Over 600 people have shown their support for this reform of the 2017 Apprenticeship Levy, organised by the Recruitment & Employment Council (REC). The REC argue that these changes will boost progression, address current chronic […]

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Gig platforms: inspiration rather than competition for the recruitment industry

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While gig platforms have grown exponentially in the past 5 years, have attracted lots of media attention and received heavy venture-capitalist investment, little has been written about their impact on the often forgotten agency workers. What if the gig economy has not had as big an impact on the job market as it’s claimed? Far […]

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Why AI won’t kill the recruitment industry

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After co-founding a business like TempaGoGo, which brings tech to help traditional recruitment agencies, it’s always instructive to take five minutes out now and then to see which predictions of the industry’s imminent demise at the hand of some new technology have been disproved. Take for instance Oleg Vishnepolsky, the Global CTO at DailyMail Online […]

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Recruitment Agency Jargon | All the terms you need to know

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There is a fair amount of jargon in the recruitment industry. Don’t you find it can be at the minimum confusing and irritating, and in the worst cases, intimidating? Did you notice there is a plethora of words to describe the same concept (e.g., ‘a contingent worker’, ‘an agency worker’ or ‘a temp’)? New trendy, […]

Are gig workers different from temp agency workers?

What are the different types of temporary roles in the UK?

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Zero hour contracts, gig workers, temps, freelancers, interims, contractors, agency workers… enough to get our heads spinning. What’s the difference? Why does it matter? This article explains: What are the 3 different employment statuses in the UK? What are the employment rights of employees, workers and self-employed workers? What is the difference between a gig […]