Will temp recruitment agencies disappear? Are gig economy platforms the future?

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Maybe not… let’s look at the question from a worker’s perspective. If you’re working as a temp for a recruitment agency, you’re considered a “worker” You are, like 1.3 million other temp agency workers in the UK, entitled to: holidays sick pay the national minimum wage And you’re employed, on average, on 17-week long assignments. […]

Helping you write a good job description with 5 top tips and great templates

5 top tips to write a great job description – and some job description templates!

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Struggling to write an appealing job description? Looking for templates to help you? For small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), the prospect of competing with very large and visible players when it comes to recruitment can be overwhelming – leaving them feeling a bit like David vs. Goliath. You’re not alone – 75% of hiring […]

Unemployment at its lowest levels since 1975. Hard to find temp staff for SMEs

With unemployment levels at their lowest since 1975, finding staff is even harder for SMEs

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With unemployment at its lowest levels since 1975 in the UK, recruitment is a real challenge for companies. Even more so for SMEs who find it harder to compete against the “big boys” in the “war for talent”. Why is it even more difficult for SMEs to recruit staff? Because SMEs typically can’t afford the latest technology […]