5 top tips to win more business as a recruitment consultant

How to Win Business Recruitment Consultant

… or what recruiters value in recruitment agencies!

If you’re a recruitment consultant or have been in the recruitment industry, especially dealing with temps, you know that it’s a tough industry to be in! 

Recruitment agencies suffer from bad press. 

They’re under attack from the multiplication of gig economy platforms such as upwork, peopleperhour or, just to quote a few!

Does this resonate with your experience?

So if you want to have a chance to fight back, win more business and maintaining long lasting relationships with your clients, you need to know what recruiters value in recruitment agencies. 

I have spoken to hundreds of hiring managers and HR professionals, and this is what I learnt… 

You’ll see below it’s no rocket science, but it takes a fair amount of dedication and efforts!

Tip 1. Less is More.

Recruiters don’t want to waste time (who wants to waste time anyway!).

They’re paying you to sift through candidates’ CVs and expect you to send only the most relevant ones. 

They want you to show that you have taken time to thoroughly read their job description and understood their company culture. 

They want you to act as a real filter. 

And if you have only one or two CVs, it’s better than 5 that are irrelevant! 

Tip 2. No means No.

If a company rejects a candidate you’ve submitted, whether you agree with their feedback or not, you have to respect their opinion. 

Recruiters don’t like to be pestered if they feel your candidates are not adequate – even if you think they’re wrong!

Tip 3. Transparency builds Trust.

Recruiting is about people and relationships. 

It’s based on trust

Hiring managers don’t like nasty surprises when it come to their final bill. And they don’t understand the difference between margin and markup and the impact it can have on their final bill. 

So my advice is be clear about your pricing, don’t try to confuse clients for the sake of charging of few additional pounds. 

Remember, it’s not about a one-off transaction, you’re in for the long run. 

And when trust is broken, it takes ages to rebuild!

Tip 4. Be Responsive.

In the temp world, clients are often stressed out – they need a sickness cover or holiday cover often at the last minute. 

The majority of the requests for temporary staff that come through our platform are sent either early in the morning, or late in the evening!

Communicate clearly – would the news be positive or negative.

Tip 5. Ask for Feedback.

One, it shows you care and that you want to improve.

And two, as painful as it might feel to hear, it helps you progress over time. 

It helps you understand your client better, send more suitable CVs next time, and win a greater proportion of placements. 

And it helps you differentiate your agency from other competitors, who might not care as much.

To conclude… I know it’s not easy!

It’s hard – and you might think that doing all of this will take a lot of time, on top of chasing timesheets, pursuing your business development, and finding suitable candidates, all at once!

This is where TempaGoGo can help – we help you grow your business, grow your client base without relying on cold calls, so that you can spend more time providing a better service to your clients, and finding great candidates. 

In 5 minutes you register on our website, and you can start receiving hot leads in your area of expertise, all for free!

If you’re a hiring manager, is this in line with what you wish recruitment agencies could do for you?

If you’re an agency, do you find these five steps difficult to achieve?

I’d love to hear from you!


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