With unemployment levels at their lowest since 1975, finding staff is even harder for SMEs

Unemployment at its lowest levels since 1975. Hard to find temp staff for SMEs

With unemployment at its lowest levels since 1975 in the UK, recruitment is a real challenge for companies.

Even more so for SMEs who find it harder to compete against the “big boys” in the “war for talent”.

Why is it even more difficult for SMEs to recruit staff?

Because SMEs typically can’t afford the latest technology and tools, have less time and resources to dedicate to recruitment and don’t have the volumes allowing them to negotiate better rates with agencies.

What can you do if you’re an SME?


No! At TempaGoGo, we can help you!

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We’ve created an online platform, where, in 2 minutes and a few clicks, you can work with multiple agencies at once, and find the best candidates at the right price.

No more time wasted ringing around agencies in the hope they’ll have suitable candidates.

So that you can grow flexibly, more easily!

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