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Want to work in the UK? How to land your perfect job

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International jobseekers would be hard pressed to find a more productive job market than the UK. Wages remain high despite political uncertainty, and the unemployment rate sits at a minuscule 4% — one of the lowest in Europe, and on a par with Germany. 

This means jobs are generally available across many different sectors. The most chronic skills shortages appear in lower-paid roles, particularly hospitality, transport and construction. Yet this is not the whole story. The UK is also desperately short of personnel in education, financial services and business services, according to the Financial Times.

Think where you might like to live as well. London offers the best, most well-paid jobs and is the core of the UK legal and financial services industries. But as a result, rents in the capital are the most expensive in Europe.

Despite this variety, what remains constant is the need to speak English to a good level. This is a requirement, but also serves as a wonderful opportunity to reach near-native levels of fluency.

Remember that you automatically have one massive advantage over British jobseekers — fluency in your own language! According to the British Council, almost two-thirds of British adults cannot speak a foreign language, so that puts you in a good position.

Why not maximise your potential by applying for jobs with this in mind? Restaurants are constantly looking for foreign staff — and this is a great way to meet fellow native speakers.

To make your life easier, why not sign up for a recruitment agency, who will automatically find suitable employers for you in line with your skills? Click here to sign up for agencies.

Spanish is the second-widest spoken language in the world, so marketing agencies or larger corporations looking to expand on a global scale are always in need of natives in a range of roles. 

To get you started, we’ve put together a range of sites you can use in your own language to help you on your journey to finding work in the UK. Happy hunting!


Ready To Go


Trucs Londres – Travailler a York

Trucs Londres – Travailler a Londres


Trucs Londres – Trabajar en Londres

Ciber Conta

Trabajar en Londres

Laboral News

London Net – Trajabar en Londres


Just Landed

Englisch Lernen


Eurodesk – Lavoro Allestero

Soldioggi – Lavorare in inghilterra

Trucchi Londra – Dove Lavorare Londra


Sair do Brasil


Via Carreira


Institut Torre Vicens


Gazeta – pl


Anglia Mea


London – wyw

Logout – hu




Darbas Londone

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