Will temp recruitment agencies disappear? Are gig economy platforms the future?

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Maybe not… let’s look at the question from a worker’s perspective.

If you’re working as a temp for a recruitment agency, you’re considered a “worker”

You are, like 1.3 million other temp agency workers in the UK, entitled to:

  • holidays
  • sick pay
  • the national minimum wage

And you’re employed, on average, on 17-week long assignments.

If you’re a gig worker, you’re considered “self-employed”

Your rights and employment protection are very limited:

  • no right to holidays
  • no right to sick pay
  • no right to national minimum wage

It’s estimated that 700,000 gig workers are paid below the national minimum wage – that’s why the majority of gig workers use “gigs” as a top-up to their earnings, rather than a regular source of income.

More and more court cases and the Taylor Review commissioned by the government are challenging this situation.

Pimlico Plumbers and City Sprint couriers have all recently been granted the status of “workers” by the English courts.

At TempaGoGo, we believe that flexible workers are better off as agency workers, and for that reason, that temporary recruitment agencies have a future!

Do you need temporary staff now?

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