Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to the questions we get most frequently asked by businesses interested in using the service. Do not hesitate to contact us with any other queries that you may have.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It's completely free to use the service.

How do I post a job request?

Simply start the process here and follow the on-screen instructions.

It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s free!

What type of recruitment agencies can I find on TempaGoGo?

When you submit a job request, TempaGoGo’s algorithm presents you with recruitment agencies that are specialised in the roles you’re trying to fill.

For example, if your trusted PA is off on holidays, and your office is based in Park Royal, you’ll only be presented with recruitment agencies that are experts in office staff in North West London.

We check each recruitment agency’s details before approving them on the platform.

We’re currently working with recruitment agencies specialised in Office staff, Construction, Transport and Logistics and Manufacturing across the UK.

Do you send my details to all the agencies on your system?

No. We provide you with a list of agencies that will best serve your needs. You can then choose which agencies will receive the lead. We only share the contact details you consent to being sent, and you can decide to limit all communications to the platform's messaging tool.

How do you make money?

When you submit a job request, the agencies pay us a modest fee if they want to work on the role.

Are you a recruitment agency?


We are a marketplace – an intermediary between companies looking to hire interim staff and recruitment agencies. We don’t source candidates. That’s what recruitment agencies registered on our platform do!

Where is my data held?

All data is held in encrypted form in UK-based data centres.

What software do I need to install?

None. Our platform is delivered via browsers, either on desktop or mobile phones.

Which browsers do you support?

We currently support the latest versions of Google Chrome (Mac and PC), Safari (Mac), Firefox (Mac and PC), Edge (PC) and IE11 (PC). We also support Chrome on Android phones and Safari on iPhones.

How do you comply with GDPR?

We are both a Data Controller and a Data Processor.

We act as a Data Controller when we collect personal data when you create an account on TempaGoGo (e.g., first name, last name, email address, job title, work address). That’s why we’re registered with the ICO as a data controller (number ZA356660).

We act as a Data Processor when we collect information about a job request, when candidates’ CVs are stored by recruitment agencies on our platform and shared with hiring companies, and when we process timesheet data.

We don’t collect or process any sensitive personal data.

You can find more detailed information about what information we collect, how and why in our Privacy and Cookies Policy which is up-to-date.

I already have an account. How do I find some help?

We have a number of video tutorials to help you get the best out of TempaGoGo.

Please visit our Tutorials page to find more information.

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