Mutual Rating

Why a mutual rating system?

As a business, it's hard to find a good recruitment agency...

How do you know if recruitment agencies will:

  • Read your job descriptions to find the best candidates for your needs?
  • Charge reasonable prices?
  • Be responsive and not pester you as soon as they have your contact details?
...but life isn't easy for the recruitment agencies either

How can you be sure that businesses will:

  • Value your efforts and be responsive?
  • Read and provide feedback on the candidates' CVs you submit?
  • Pay you on time?

How does the rating system work?

Unless you have a crystal ball, spend hours doing some research, or can accurately judge the subjective reviews of businesses and agencies by unverified users on Google, there’s no way you can answer these questions.

That’s why, at TempaGoGo, we’re introducing an innovative rating system, where businesses and agencies are both rated in a fair, objective and transparent manner.

  • Both agencies and businesses are rated.
  • All agencies are rated the same way – no paid-for enhancement.
  • All businesses are rated in an identical manner - small and large companies all the same.
  • The ratings are based on company information and transactional data collected as businesses and agencies use TempaGoGo.
  • The ratings are objectively calculated.
  • They're never based on perceptions or subjective user reviews.
  • Agencies and businesses have access to the details of their own ratings.
  • Businesses see the agencies' ratings before sending them a job request.
  • Agencies see the businesses' ratings before purchasing a lead.
A business rating is based on:
  • Company data - such as your company legal structure, credit score, number of years of trading and employees.
  • Use of the platform - based on the number of times you use the platform to hire temporary staff.
  • Hiring rate - calculated on the proportion of jobs posted on TempaGoGo that resulted in a booking, to ensure that your intention is to hire.
  • CV feedback rate - based on the proportion of CVs you received for which you gave feedback to the agencies, to help them submit candidates that meet your needs.
  • Responsiveness - based on the average time it takes you to sign-off bookings and time-sheets versus your peers.
An agency rating is based on:
  • Company data - such as the membership of a recruitment trade association (e.g., REC, APSCo), legal structure, number of years of trading and employees.
  • Lead purchase rate - based on the proportion of leads offered through TempaGoGo that you purchase, to help ensure that you only sign up for roles you can usually fill.
  • Submission usage - based on the proportion of leads for which you send CVs through the platform, to help ensure businesses can easily access and compare all their candidates in one place.
  • Booking rate - calculated on the proportion of jobs you submitted CVs for resulting in a booking.
  • Timesheet usage - based on the proportion of bookings using TempaGoGo for time-sheeting, to make businesses' life easy.